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Event 1: Self-Actualized Leadership Development Seminar: These Seminars explain the Vision of Project YugParivartan (Project Grand Change) and how a person can build his/her grand leadership space in the Ecosystem under the guidance of this vision, by evolving the consciousness to Self-Actualization levels.

Event 2: Self-Actualized Leadership Development Workshop: These high-value leadership workshops are being conducted across all major cities of the country to make participants realize their Self-Actualization needs and how aligning the decision-making with Universal Principles results into very high performance in personal and professional life of a person.

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The Chief Mentor of Defined Values Consultants during a TV Interview

conducted by PMC Channel, Hyderabad. Mr. Hitesh is responding to several

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), pertaining to Self-Actualized Leadership

Seminars and Workshops and also on the vision of Project YugParivartan